Howell Police Public Safety Cadets are a youth-adult volunteer program sponsored by the Howell Police and the National Public Safety Cadet organization. Members participate in training programs with the Howell Police and national organizations and assist Howell Police and surrounding departments with community related functions.     


To give young adults a better understanding of the workings of a municipal police department and other areas related to law enforcement. Cadets learn by doing, with “on-the-job” first-hand experience.

To learn and be educated in the many varied specialties that are available to the Cadets, should they choose a professional law enforcement career, and to help guide them towards achieving their aims in life.

To help young adults become mature, responsible citizens through character building, leadership development and an appreciation for community service and good citizenship.

To serve as a community relations effort between police and youth and between youth and community.


Males and female ages 14, and graduated 8th grade, to 21 years old.

Enrolled in public or private school or state approved educational program.

Attend regular meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of most months

(2nd Thursday only in July/August/November/December).

Obtain an application at your first meeting and return completed with parental release (under 18 only) and medical release (all applicants).

Pass background investigation.

Be able to participate in basic physical training.

Be able to participate in drill and ceremony training.

Cadet Brochure Available here​​​​​​​.

For all questions or follow-ups please email

Or call 732-938-4111 and ask to speak to a Public Safety Cadet Advisor.