If you are not entitled to reports or other information as a named or involved party you may need to complete an OPRA (Open Public Records Request) Request Form to request access information.  


All public records requests are initially and ultimately handled by the Howell Township Clerk’s office. All OPRA requests are researched and sent to the proper department for specific information and are time sensitive. Public records must be addressed and accounted for within a specific time frame for the requesting party.

Please read the second page of the OPRA Request Form carefully, this page contains important information concerning your rights under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act (N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1).  


Please understand that not all requests will be granted. There are exemptions under OPRA where denials can be made.  


Refer to https://www.nj.gov/grc/  for more information on ORPA.


Copies of the request forms are available at the Records Bureau or Howell Township Clerk’s Office.



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Download OPRA Request Form:




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