Inside the Agency

Patrol Division

Captain Mark Pileck #216

The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible division within our agency and is available to the public 365 days a year, 24...

Investigations Bureau

Captain Tom Rizzo #237

The Detective Bureau is comprised of police officers assigned to conduct investigations. After the patrol division submits an initial...

Communications Division

Senior Dispatcher Steve Gerrity #406

The Communications Center, serving as a 9-1-1 answering point, consolidates all requests for emergency services in...

Crime Suppression Unit

Captain Tom Rizzo #237

 The Crime Suppression Unit was created with the goal of stemming the flow of narcotics into the town by dedicating a team of highly...

Honor Guard

Sergeant John Lopez #248

The Honor Guard serves as the Color Guard at memorials at local, state, and national  events, as well as events held in the private sector.   

Emergency Medical Services

Captain John Storrow #232

The Howell Township Police Department currently has trained Emergency Medical Technicians operating the ambulances and...

K9 Unit

Captain Tom Rizzo #237

The K9 Unit allows patrol officers to work in a safer and more efficient manner and perform functions that human officers are simply...

Traffic Safety Unit

Captain John Storrow #232

The Traffic Safety Unit is primarily responsible for all issues regarding motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic in Howell Twp.

Emergency Services Unit 

Captain John Storrow #232

The Emergency Services Unit is a county-wide team comprised of several different agencies that are responsible for responding and...

The Pride of Howell

The History of Howell Police

The Howell Township Police Department was created by ordinance in September, 1971. Harvey F. Morrell, Jr., a Captain with the Matawan Boro Police Department, was hired to serve as the first Chief of Police. Chief Morrell then began the task of staffing the new agency, hiring experienced officers from Matawan, Abderdeen, Freehold Twp, Wall, the New Jersey State Police, among several other departments.

As the state police were still responsible for patrolling the township, the new officers worked with them at the outset, while the state police decreased their services in Howell.

The first headquarters was set up in a trailer set up behind the court building on Rt. 524. From there, the Police Department was moved to the old Parks and Recreation building located at the former municipal complex on Preventorium Rd.

The department operated out of there until early 1973, when it moved into the barracks vacated by the State Police on Rt. 524. When the department outgrew that facility, it moved to the former Town Hall building at the foot of Preventorium Rd, adjacent to the Howell Golf Course.

In December 1989, following the retirement of Chief Harvey Morrell, Jr., who would later go on to be Howell's first directly-elected Mayor, Captain Gary Priccaciante was sworn in as the new Chief. Chief Priccaciante saw the department move to its current location at 300 Old Tavern Rd. in October 1990.

Following Chief Priccaciante's retirement, Lieutenant Ronald T. Carter was promoted to Chief of Police where he remained until 2015. Upon his retirement, Captain Andrew Kudrick was officially sworn in as the 4th Chief of Police of Howell Township.

The department currently has a compliment of 86 Police Officers consisting of: 55 Patrol Officers, 2 Community Service Officers, 6 detectives, 10 Sergeants, 3 Lieutenants, 2 Captains, 1 Chief, 10 Communications Officers along with 7 support personnel. The department is charged with overseeing the safety and security of the approximately 60,000 residents living within the 63-square miles of Howell Twp.

Agency Contacts


Chief's Office

732-938-4575 x2870

Investigations Bureau Commander

Det Lt Tom Rizzo
​​​​​​​732-938-4575 x2887

Det Sgt Christian Antunez
​​​​​​​732-938-4575 x2883

Records Bureau

732-938-4575 x2821, x2822, x2823


Capt Mark Pilecki

732-938-4575 x2869

Shift Commanders

Lt Eileen Dodd (Days)

732-938-4575 x2240

Lt Scott Wall (Evenings)

732-938-4575 x2236

Lt Joe Markulic (Midnights)

732-938-4575 x2235

Communications Supervisor

Senior Dispatcher S Gerrity

732-938-4575 x2865


Capt John Storrow

732-938-4575 x2232

Traffic Safety Unit

Ptl Matt Cherney

732-938-4575 x2629

Training Division

Sgt Bernard Fowler

732-938-4575 x2826


If you are aware about ongoing criminal activities or narcotics transactions within the township of Howell, you can make make an annonymous report to our Crime Suppression Unit.

We do not take reports and/or complaints through social media or by email - all reports and/or complaints must go thru Police Dispatch

If you need to call 9-1-1, you must stay on the phone with the Police Dispatcher until they instruct you to disconnect.