Discovery Requests

Discovery requests will be handled by the Records Bureau for cases involving Howell Township Police Officers being heard in Howell Township Municipal Court. We do not have access to or provide discovery for cases involving New Jersey State Police Troopers or Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office even if the event happened in our jurisdiction.


If you are an attorney representing a client, discovery requests are accepted via mail, email or fax. Please include your client’s name and summons/citation numbers.


We ask that you please specify in your discovery request whether or not you require audio/video (BWC/MVR, in-station, 9-1-1 calls, etc.). Please understand production of these materials takes a considerable amount of time and requires multiple department resources.  Therefore, we must bill accordingly and receive payment in full prior to the release of any audio/video discovery. 


If you are an individual who has chosen to represent yourself or act as your own attorney you are required to fill out the attached Discovery Request Form and return it to the Records department in person. If a fee is associated with your discovery you will be required to pay in full before the discovery will be released.


Alcotest Certifications, Radar Certifications and Officer Certifications are linked below for you to download:  Please check back soon as files are being attached.