Investigations Bureau 

The Investigations Bureau is comprised of police officers assigned to conduct investigations. After the patrol division submits an initial police report, it is reviewed by supervisors.  If the case requires additional investigative work it is assigned to a detective who will investigate it until its completion. These responsibilities include conducting both general and advanced investigations as well as forensics. 

General investigations usually include burglary, thefts including stolen autos, fraud, missing persons, assaults, juvenile delinquency, and other common occurrences.  In addition to general investigations, the detectives in Howell Township investigate specialty type cases as homicide, weapons offenses, narcotics, cyber crimes, fraud,   and sexual assaults.  Each detective has their own ‘specialty' in these areas. Our juvenile detective is responsible for investigating juvenile welfare matters and delinquency issues along with the provisions of Megan’s Law.

In between these investigations, detectives also complete background investigations for pre-employment as well as various permits such as firearms, coaches, volunteers, solicitors, liquor licensing, limousine drivers, massage parlors, and others as needed.  

Our Forensic Unit detectives are proficient in crime scene processing, photography, latent fingerprint recovery, impression molding, and DNA and blood evidence collection. Here at police headquarters, we maintain a comprehensive evidence processing and storage facility.

Investigative personnel are on call 24 hours a day should their assistance be required at a crime scene. They pride themselves with a high “clearance rate."  This includes the identification and arrest of suspects, recovery and return of property, and having an integral part of the prosecution and conviction of the offender(s).